CIS-PAY LTD is run by commercial accountants and umbrella payroll specialists specifically for contractors.


We are an accredited company that specialises in the Construction Industry Scheme and payment solutions for UK contractors.  We help construction firms to remain compliant with their employment and tax responsibilities in relation to their use of self-employed subcontractors, and to remain commercially competitive within the construction industry.


Simply put we aim to ensure that you are compliant, pay your workforce on time, reduce payroll costs, eliminate worry & risk and make your business more competitive.


We operate a compliant payroll service that pays you in accordance with the rules and regulations set out by HMRC whilst maximizing the tax savings. We take away the stress of knowing the latest legislation HMRC have in place , so you’re safe in the knowledge that you are taking home the maximum amount of your pay possible whilst remaining fully compliant.


All our clients are provided with a fast and efficient service including a dedicated account manager who will be available should you have any questions or queries with regards to your payroll.   All new customers will get a personal visit from an account manager who will assess the current business set up and discuss all options available.


CIS Pay is made up of a team of qualified individuals that have over 30 years of experience in the Payroll construction industry.  With our vast knowledge and hands on approach we are confident that we can work with you to adopt the best payroll solution for your company.


Our specialist legal team work around the clock to identify changes in tax law and employment law ensuring both ourselves and our clients are compliant and up to date with HMRC legislation changes.


Along with the skilled individuals we have also invested in the tools that HMRC recognises as the industry standard ensuring that we meet HMRC requirements.  CIS-Pay Limited engaged the services of Aspire Business Partnership in creating and implementing robust processes and procedures to ensure its operational compliance, as well as drafting contractual and communicational documentation for its subcontractors and clients.  We also use Merit software, the industry leader in payroll and invoicing solutions for temporary recruitment agencies and umbrella companies.  We also ensure your data is protected in conjunction with the Data Protection act 1998.


CIS Pay operate nationally ensuring that wherever your work takes you within the UK we have you covered.



Contact us today on 0800 083 5699 or email info@cis-pay.co.uk

"WE ENSURE that you are safe in the knowledge that you're taking home the maximum amount of your pay possible whilst staying within the law."




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